Gray Epoxy Bar Soap Dish

Gray Epoxy Bar Soap Dish

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To the growing interest and use of better quality soaps. Hand made soaps last longer if dried out in-between use. This Soap Dish may assist in doing exactly that. It is sized, cut and grooved to help with water to drip away from soaps. The Epoxy Soap Saver is coated with a food safe oil.

After this is washed away or cleaned off with a microfiber towel, the provided rubber bumpers may be applied. This will keep the surface it is ace upon safe and also a bit vented.

Care tips: Wash & Rinse off with mild soap and water ONLY.

Always CLEAN and KEEP DRY under Soap Saver and Water Basins to prevent any surface issues.

Drain standing water from item daily to prevent build up of any kind.


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