Scent Profiles

We have several scent profiles that will speak to every individual. Check out our full scent profile on each product to help aid you in your beard and grooming care!!!


Classic Beard Oil – Medium Light Carrier Blend

Nightfall – Evening Cologne

Anglers Code – Roasted Blood Orange, Lime, Agave, Golden Oud, Myrrh

Mountain River – Smokey Orange and Cedar

Hunt – Unscented


Gray Beard Oil – Medium Thick Carrier Blend

Polys – Bergamot, Basil Leaf, Oakmoss, White Patchouli, Cherry Almond

Skipper – Lemon Lime with a Twist

Ghost Falls Apple Cider, Fresh Sage, and Juniper Berry

On The Rocks – Vanilla, Pineapple, Coconut, Margarita, Sugar

Sundance – Citrus Aquatic Cologne

Bourbon Bayou – Nag Champa, Smoke, Tobacco, Orange, Bourbon, Cedar, and Honey

Fowler – Cedar and White Fir (Conifer Essential Oils)

Rio Blanco – Fresh Water, Apple, Champagne, Almond Crème

Old Ephraim – Tobacco, Redwood, Pear, and Bay Leaf

In The Saddle – Bergamot, Juniper, Spruce, Black Pepper, Himalayan Cedar, Virginia Cedar, and Texas Cedar

Salt City – Aquatic and Woodsy Cologne

1903 – Juniper, Sage, Orange, and Cedar

801 – Fresh Cut Grass and Lime

Hunt – Unscented


Limited Scent of the Month Beard Oil – Medium Thick Carrier Blend

The Keys - Lime, Coconut, Sugar, Salt, Orange, Vanilla



Soaps – Cold Pressed

Oats ‘N Honey – Oatmeal Milk and Honey

Dark Forest – Oak Moss, Aloe, Light Floral

Wetlands – Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla

Louisiana Mud – Cherry, Rosemary, Basil, Earthy Notes

Milk & Collagen – Sweet Cream and Vanilla

Oasis – Lime and Basil

Artic Powder – Peppermint

Myrtle Beach – Cherry Almond

Lavender Mint - Lavender Mint


Washes, Moisturizer, Conditioner

Daily Conditioning Wash Lavender Mint – Lavender Mint

Daily Conditioning Wash Unscented – Unscented

Gently Daily Wash – Unscented

Sweet Water Conditioner – Mango

Ocean Mineral Moisturizer – Unscented

Ocean Mineral Wash – Unscented

Active Charcoal Purifying Cleanser – Unscented