What is Beard Butter? - Authored by Daniel Command

Beard Butter

Beard butter is an amazing beard product that can help the health, appearance, and scent of your facial hair. Beard butter differs from beard balm in that it is not as much for styling as it is more for nourishment. This means there is little to no wax in beard butter, as compared to beard balm that often has a generous amount of wax. Copper Johns has a light and extremely nursing beard butter that has absolutely no wax. Let’s go over some of the key details you are wondering about beard butter, such as the benefits of using it, when to use it, and how to use it.


Beard butter is going to nourish and soften hairs.  The balanced fatty acid profiles in Copper Johns’ beard butter is perfect for giving the hairs vitamins they need such as vitamin A and C. Another benefit would be sealing in moisture while helping to keep the hairs moisturized. Many men complain about their beard becoming dry, and many of those same men experience a “game changer” once they start to use beard butter. Beard butter will also give your beard a boost of wonderful scent or smell, if you are using a scented beard butter. The butter will be on the outer layer of the hairs and therefore really giving off a great aroma. Most beard butters will also give a small amount of hold or help for styling. It is not going to be like a balm or wax, but still about to control many flyaways.

When to use

Beard butter can be used at any time of the day or night, and it will depend on the benefits you are looking to achieve. If you apply beard butter at night before bed, you can expect your beard to feel light and amazing when you rinse your beard out in the morning. If you apply beard oil in the morning or during the day, you can expect your beard to feel nourished and to not dry out during the day. If you are using heat on your beard with a blow dryer or a heated brush, you will want to use beard butter after the heat. Damp beard, oil, wait five minutes, heat, and then finish with beard butter.

How to use

Beard butter should be applied to a damp beard or a beard that has recently had beard oil applied to it. This state of application will allow the product to easily spread evenly throughout the entire beard. You want to scoop out the desired amount, and then melt it down in your palm. Focus on getting the melted butter on your fingertips and work throughout the beard. Try to avoid working the beard butter into the skin, because it is intended for the hairs. Once the product is worked throughout the beard, you can use a comb or brush to finish the styling. 

Authored by Daniel Command.