Top 10 Beard Mistakes to Avoid

There are many common mistakes that are made along the journey of figuring out how to care for your beard as you grow it out. Here is a list of the top 10 most common beard mistakes to avoid. Hopefully this will give you the start you need for this great beard journey!

  • Using head hair products on your beard. Most men have shampoos and conditioners in their shower, and it is an easy step to try and use those on your beard. It is just hair, right? Yes, it is hair, but it is vastly different from your head hair. The environment of your scalp and head hair is totally different from your beard and the skin underneath it. This is the reason why there are different products for your beard and why you shouldn't just use head hair products. Your beard has less sebum oil, fewer hairs, thicker hairs, bigger follicles, bigger pores, and a different pH level. Beard products like the ones from Copper Johns are perfectly formulated for your beard environment. 

  • Using cheap beard products full of silicones and mineral oil. Unfortunately, if you go to the store there will be a lot of products claiming to be “beard products”, but in reality they are just full of cheap fillers that offer no nourishment for your beard. The two most common examples would be beard oils containing silicones and mineral oil. You want to avoid those ingredients with your beard.

  • Using cheap grooming tools. Most men will start their beard grooming with what I like to call “funeral combs”. Mainly because you find them in funeral homes’ bathrooms and because it’s like having a funeral for your beard when you use them. The pressed plastic jagged edges are rough and can damage the hairs by simply combing the beard.

  • Not thinking about the impact of your internal health. We can talk about beard care and grooming all day, but none of that matters if you are not internally healthy. Make sure to drink enough water every single day. Staying hydrated is arguably the most important aspect of having a healthy beard. You also want to keep your stress down. Stress is a killer of hair and especially your beard. Lastly, of course you want to eat well and exercise. Anything positive for your body is positive for your beard.

  • Rushing to trim, rather than training. You will never trim your way to a bigger beard. Trimming is a great option to have, but too many guys rush to trimming before trying to solve their beard problems with other methods like training. Styling can be so much more beneficial, as compared to rushing to trim. Try to dial your styling in with beard tools, heat from blow dryers/heated brushes, and from using your hands.

  • Not trimming to your goals. If you do decide to trim, please keep in mind your goals down the road. A common mistake is trimming for it to look a certain way right now but at the expense of where you want your beard to be. If you want a big beard, try to not touch the neckline or take the neckline up too high.  If you want a longer beard that is well-balanced, try only trimming from the length of the beard and not the front or sides. 

  • Listening to negative comments from others. You will get negative comments about your beard. You will get those comments from family, friends, co-workers, and more. This is just their way of making conversation. It is human nature, and they will not think about those comments even minutes after mentioning them. This is your beard and theirs. You are growing for yourself and not them. Do not listen to those negative comments.

  • Playing and fidgeting with your beard. The wisdom that comes with stroking a fine beard does come at a cost. Playing with or fidgeting with your beard can and will cause damage. You can prematurely pull the hairs out. You can break the hair down and cause damage such as split ends. You can even damage the follicle and cause hair loss and patches. When at all possible, avoid playing with or fidgeting with your beard. 

  • Over-grooming your beard. It is really important to groom and care for your beard with methods like combing, brushing, washing, and using quality products. However, just like any good thing… you can overdo it. Too much of a good thing can cause problems. You want to try and dial in the right amount of product to use for your beard. You want to try and only comb or brush your beard in the morning and at night when possible. Just be aware of the care you are giving your beard.

     Letting beard envy take over. No matter your beard situation, you are going to see great beards out there and it is natural to have beard envy. Just keep in mind that you are likely your own worst critic, and there are other guys out there that would kill to have your beard. Keep growing and enjoying that beautiful beard!