Is Beard Oil Really Needed?

What do you really need to use for your beard?

Beard Oil

Why Beard Oil? Why is it preached constantly and always feels like it is being pushed down our throats? We say to ourselves –“We are men, we don’t need anything to make us more manly. Men have always had beards and never used beard oil. If they didn’t use it then, I don’t need to use it now.”

The truth is YOU ARE WRONG. Science has come a long way since beards became popular in the 1860’s at a time when facial hair became a symbol of masculinity and power. In fact, beard oil wasn’t really a thing until the early 2010’s when we decided that it’s ok to allow ourselves to look and feel good.

So why should we use beard oil then? Our body creates a natural oil called sebum oil. This is critical for your beard’s overall health, look, and condition. Sebum oil gets washed away in the shower from ordinary soaps and washes, causing damage to our hair and skin. Beard oil helps replicate sebum oil, which moisturizes and nourishes our skin and beard to prevent dry skin (dandruff), itch, brittleness, and wiry dry hairs.

When and how to use?

Although you may use beard oil anytime of the day, the best time to use is morning and/or night after you are done showering and cleaning your beard. Using beard oil when your beard is damp will allow your hair and skin absorb the oils more efficiently.

The regularity and amount with which you apply beard oil will depend on a few factors. What is the length and fullness of your beard? Where you live (if it is a dry or humid climate), the food you eat, supplements you take, how many hours you sleep, the quantity of water you drink, and stress you have - all play a role in the quality of your beard. Now don’t forget that genetics can also affect your growth.

 So, how do I use beard oil?

1 – Start with a Clean, Damp Beard

2 - Drop desired beard oil into hands (if after 5 minutes beard is greasy use less oil next time)

3 – Gently message oil deep into your beard, ensuring you have reached you skin underneath your beard.

4 – Comb gently through beard soft and slow to ensure product is from root to tip, and style and shape is to your liking. Going slow will allow you don’t pull hair or damage any hairs.

Bonus Tip -

Beard Oil is healthy for hair and skin. Thus, any excess on hands apply to elbows, hands, hair, face, etc