Don’t Neglect Your Skin

Hey everyone! I appreciate you guys being here. I owe you an apology for last week—I kind of pulled a fast one on you. I kicked off the intro with one of my regular videos where I had a beard, only to flip around and shock and awe you guys with the fact that I had shaved. It wasn't a secret, but I am milking it because my beard was a huge part of my personality. It still is, and it was a major part of my social media platform and the Copper John's social media platform. So, I'm going to milk it up. I've got so many more videos planned, pre-recorded, and things like that, not only for my own page but for Copper John's. Stay tuned.

Switching Gears: Skincare Over Beard Care (For Now)

I have to switch gears on you guys for a little bit. We still have plenty of beard products to talk about, but I haven't been using some of them for the last week—beard butter, beard balm, beard wash, and beard conditioner. Why? Because I don't even have an eighth of an inch yet of growth. But one thing I am absolutely using is beard oil. You heard me say that in last week's episode, and you'll hear me continue to say it because one thing that men neglect over and over is skincare. I'm guilty of it as well. I never used to care for my skin until I started using Copper John's.

That is probably one of the major differences in grooming between men and women. The skincare routine that my wife has versus the bar soap I normally rub across my face and call it good is a major difference. But as I said last week, after I was nice and clean-shaven, you guys could see I had no ingrown hairs whatsoever. I owe that to the Copper John's beard oil. The ionic Inland Sea minerals and other natural ingredients inside the Copper John's beard oil do wonders for your skin, and in turn, do amazing things for your facial hair because it's being applied at the roots where it all starts.

New Products I'm Loving

So while I haven't had the need to use balm, butter, wash, or conditioner, I have been using a few other Copper John's products that I don't normally use. We will cover these in greater detail down the road because they deserve their own episode and not just a quick snapshot here. What am I talking about? The Ocean Mineral Face Wash, the Active Charcoal Purifying Face Wash, and the Ocean Mineral Moisturizer.

These are three products that are a hit with the female fans of Copper John's. If the ladies in your life are anything like my wife, they've definitely integrated one or more of these into their skincare routine because they work. This last week, while my skin has taken a little bit more of a beating—you can see my tan line's gone because I am outside all day long for work—I do absorb a lot of sun and get tan, burnt, and dried out very easily. So I've been using the mineral wash and the active charcoal wash when I get home to take a shower. Normally, my beard would filter out all the dirt and particulates that settle on my face during the day. But with my new baby face, once it's nice and squeaky clean, I turn around and use the ocean mineral moisturizer to put that hydration back into my skin. And of course, I continue using my beard oil.

Honorable Mentions

Some other honorable mentions for Copper John's products that benefit skincare, especially if you're one of our mustachioed friends like Hunter and Philip who regularly shave parts of their face with a razor: shave soap, shaving cream, and the Copper John's After Shave. This product is a game-changer for closing up your pores and protecting your skin after running those blades across them. Another favorite is the Copper John's deodorant. I did a whole Logan's Corner episode on the Copper John's natural deodorant and how it vastly improved the health of the skin in my underarms. Last but not least, the Copper John's cold-pressed soaps. We'll do a whole episode on these because they come in about nine different scents with probably more to come. They are game-changers. If you guys have used those, which most of you have, you know they are all-around body bars—strong enough for a deep clean but gentle enough for the skin on your face.

Closing Thoughts

So with that, if you haven't already, give your skin—not just the skin on your face but all over your body—the love it needs. Clean it, protect it, and moisturize it. That's it for this week, you guys. We'll check back in next week. Love you, be proud of who you are, and have a great week.